After buying my bike, I was very excited to start going out riding. Unfortunately, it is January so it is usually too cold (by Atlanta standards) or too rainy to be outside. Instead of having my bike sit around, I decided to get a trainer so I could at least ride the bike indoors. Based on recommendations from more regular bike riders, I ended up purchasing the Road Machine trainer. It was relatively easy to set up and has been working great. Luckily, it is fairly quiet so I can work-out in the morning without waking up Eric. Right now I have it temporarily set-up in the living room so I can watch TV (which helps time go by much faster). I have my new Garmin synced so I can monitor progress for each ride. It would drive me nuts just pedaling without knowing how I am doing each time.

As much as I enjoy my new trainer, I am anxiously waiting for the opportunity to finally go outside and ride. Hopefully Eric’s bike will be ready by then and then we can enjoy a new activity.