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2012 goal #17: Watch the 10 greatest films of all time ranked by AFI

I am actually making pretty good progress with this goal. Lately, I have been feeling a little stressed and watching a movie after dinner seemed like a nice way to reduce some stress. Since a lot of the movies on the list are old, it was difficult to find the movies at first but eventually someone recommended looking through the library and there they were! I have seen 4 of the movies on the list which made it a little easier to figure out where to start. Once I finish watching the 6 I haven’t seen, I will probably go back and re-watch the other 4.

The library was fast and had 4 of my 6 requested DVDs ready for pick-up. So far we have watched Lawrence of Arabia, 2001: a space odyssey, city lights, and vertigo. All are amazing! I guess that is the benefit of watching top ranked movies of all time; you will not be disappointed in the movie. AFI also ranks the top 10 movies within each category. Since I seem to be making good time with this goal, maybe I will try to go through all the movies within the categories…we’ll see. 🙂