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Last week was Eric’s birthday so we decided to celebrate with his favorite meal…meat and cake. A few weeks beforehand, I decided I was going to surprise him by taking him to a churrascaria, also called a Brazilian steakhouse. What is unique about these types of restaurants is endless amounts of every cut/type of meat possible…basically Eric’s food heaven. We went to a new place located just outside of Atlanta, Red and Green. I tried to prepare by only eating fish and vegetable meals several days beforehand. It was a little quieter since we went on a weeknight but we enjoyed the environment. Because there weren’t as many people, the cooks asked if we wanted anything in particular and Eric was able to pick all of his favorite cuts. Here is my weakness when it comes to all you can eat meals— I feel the need to eat more than I am capable of eating on a usual basis to get the most for my money and to show them that I can eat just as much as everyone else. I know it’s crazy and irrational but it happens every time. The food was delicious and we definitely left the restaurant stuffed beyond capacity.

I ordered Eric’s favorite cake thinking we could have dessert afterwards (what was I thinking?!?!) But, Eric was not deterred and was able to squeeze in space for a bite of cake. It was a chocolate ganache cake. Yummm. Cake was not in the cards for me but I made up for it the following nights đŸ™‚ At the end of the night, I think Eric had a nice surprise birthday dinner and we got to try a new restaurant.