2012 goal # 15: Get a bike and start regular bike rides

Well, I have started the first part of that goal. My grandmother was generous enough to give me money for a new bike as my birthday gift a few weeks ago. I had a few in mind after visiting several Atlanta bike shops to see all of the options out there. Luckily, there have been some pretty good deals on last year’s model of bike since they are trying to make room for the 2012 new bikes. This worked out perfectly since there were really nice bikes that were in a lower price range and since I am not a very serious rider, having the most up to date model was not a huge priority for me. After trying different models I finally decided on a 2011 Fuji road bike!

It had the brakes that I liked, and unlike some of the other models, it has a much easier way of switching gears (this is key for me since my hands are small and some bikes are just more difficult than others). I love my new bike and cannot wait to start going on regular bike rides 🙂