I am starting to wonder where all this talk of a housing crisis is coming from. Houses that we liked and were considering have been sold and taken off the market all within a few days. There are 1-2 houses that have even increased their prices. Crazy! Apparently I can’t pause to think without missing out. Narrowing down to the specific locations that we prefer may be a major reason for all of this. I guess other people want to live in that area too…competition! Nonetheless, I am confident that this is how it is and once we find the right house, it will all work out.

This time we had a more manageable time looking at houses. Since we only had 2 on the list, we took some time during the week in the afternoon to see them with our agent. The first was located in an awesome location within walking distance of some of our favorite places to eat and go out in the Highlands. It was a foreclosure (so the price was great) that was just listed that morning but it already had 2 offers. Like I said before, we want a few projects to do in the house and fixing this house would be great to increase its value with its prime location. That all changed once we walked in. I was expecting the house to be a mess but this was a little too much for me. The layout was very strange and every step we took around the house just showed problem after problem. Really you would need to wipe-out this house and start from scratch; basically just paying for the land (which really isn’t that great of a price when looking at it that way). So, house 1 of the day was a NO.

House 2 was a lot nicer (and cost more) in an area where Midtown boarders the Highlands. I really like the exterior and the inside was nicely done. There are a few things that can use some updates which could be the house projects Eric is longing for. The house has a few things that are lacking and I don’t think it is absolutely perfect but it was a lot nicer than many of the homes we have seen so far. There are also plans to expand the main park (Piedmont Park) in Atlanta which would have an entrance walking distance to this house. That could be exciting!  I would say this one is on our list of houses to consider.

Houses seen: 17

Houses still being considered: 4

Sidenote- I have been advised not to get too attached or “fall in love” with any house. I don’t think I have done this but it is really hard to avoid emotional attachment but also pick “the one.”