Today was the start of our house hunt in Atlanta!

A few weeks ago, we met with an agent and began searching through listings of houses all over the city. We knew immediately which neighborhoods we wanted to live in and started narrowing down the houses. It was a little time-consuming looking at each listing online but with location being our number 1 priority, it made the search a little easier. Both Eric and I live really close to our jobs and have short commutes which is vital in a city known for heavy traffic commutes. Though the houses cost a little more living in town, I really prefer not to spend most of my morning and afternoon commuting and sitting in traffic.Our other criteria include a backyard, driveway, kitchen space, and storage. We want a nice house but Eric also needs a project so it can’t be completely finished. This actually helps keep the price reasonable.

So once we picked the houses that were interesting, it was time to go see them in person. We spent 4 hours today looking at 15 houses. Very overwhelming!!!! Most of the houses were close together so there was not too much time spent in the car but towards the end everything began to blend together. Luckily, we both took notes at each place so we could refer back to that information. Our agent has been really helpful. I recommend meeting and interviewing agents before deciding on your agent, especially as a first-time home owner. I appreciate his honesty and direct feedback. It was exciting to see the range of houses and definitely a learning experience. I now have a better understanding of what’s available and what you can get at certain price ranges.

At the end of the day, we liked 5 out of the 15 houses and will request more information on those houses. In the meantime, we will keep looking at the listing for any updates. This is definitely a new adventure that I am excited to start with Eric 🙂 Stay tuned as our house hunt continues!