After reading a blog post about bucket lists, I was inspired to make my own list for the new year. Her list was pretty awesome and I don’t think I can do as much as she is doing (especially the whole having a baby part) but I’m hoping to have some fun things of my own. A few of these I have already made plans for but there are others I am really hoping to accomplish.

So here are the top 20:

  1. Travel to a new country (Dominican Republic planned for June 2012)
  2. Own a sari that came from India
  3. Read 6 new books not related to work
  4. Buy a house–this one is def exciting and scary
  5. Bake an authentic Filipino dessert from scratch
  6. Visit the Smokey Mountains
  7. Visit a new state
  8. Hike 10 new trails
  9. Go camping
  10. Get a drink at the bar with my brother. He’ll finally be 21!
  11. Accomplish a new difficult yoga pose
  12. Complete a juice detox
  13. Learn how to meditate
  14. Run a race
  15. Get a bike and start regular bike rides
  16. Learn how to say hello in 20 languages
  17. Watch the 10 greatest films of all time ranked by AFI
  18. Try 24 new Atlanta restaurants
  19. Volunteer someplace new
  20. Help someone else accomplish something on their bucket list

Looks like it will be a fun 365 days to come 🙂