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Eric and I completed most of our gift shopping before the holiday rush! The chaos between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn’t really something I enjoy, so I try to knock everything out before November. Since we went to Argentina in October, we ended up buying a lot of souvenirs from our trip and saving them as holiday gifts for our family and friends. The one challenge that we have in buying gifts is finding something for each other and keeping it a surprise. It is definitely a struggle not to peek into our accounts to see what the other person purchased. Then again, we do not really try that hard to keep it a surprise.

Our gift giving usually consists of us writing down things we need, handing it off, and then expecting to get the item (sometimes not even wrapped!) Don’t worry, we still keep it in the shipping box the arrive in usually from Amazon LOL. I know, we aren’t fun when it comes to gifts. Anyways, this year we decided to exchange gifts a little early. There is really no point in packing it with us only to have to bring back home after the holidays. So, the other night we did our gift exchange. I will admit that even though I think I know what I am getting every year, Eric always manages to surprise me. This year I mentioned wanting just a simple garmin gps running watch, nothing too fancy. I figured running would go a little better if I could actually track progress and monitor each of my runs.

Well, he went above and beyond and got me what I call the “fancy” garmin. It has a lot more features and I can use it on my *fingers crossed* new bike that I am buying. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it, luckily he has one too so it should cut down on my learning time. Thanks Eric 🙂