Holidays are a time to see family and enjoy being with everyone in one place. Unfortunately, this is a little bit harder for us since both of our families live up north and we are down here in Atlanta. It takes about 10 hours to drive to my family and 15 hours to see Eric’s family. Early when we started dating we would just go to our own families and celebrate. Then a few years into our relationship we tried dividing usually celebrating Thanksgiving with Eric’s family and Christmas with my family. Now that we are married, we decided to try alternating schedules every year. This means that Christmas will be with Eric’s side and Thanksgiving was in MD.

I will admit that I am a little sad since this will be my first year not having Christmas with  my family. I would say Christmas is a much more tradition-rich holiday with my family compared to others throughout the year starting with midnight mass, all the food, games, and finally gift exchanging.

A lot of planning and vacation days have gone into figuring out the right schedule and I’m not really sure how well it will work. Will we be alternating holidays or just designating one specific holiday for each of our families? I’m sure this is something many other married couples need to figure out. (Anyone have tips to share??)

We are definitely lucky to have so much family to celebrate with but I think it is just one of those new “married couple” things we need to work through over the next few holidays.  Maybe we can just buy a house and make everyone come to Atlanta!! 🙂