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For date night, we decided to do dinner and a movie nearby. I have been wanting to see Midnight in Paris so we bought tickets to the Tara theater which was the only place still playing the movie. Rain happened to be located right next door to the theater so it was a perfect date night option. I have driven past Rain several times on my way to the grocery store. It is part of a strip mall but always seems to be packed with people. I figured that must be a good sign and put it on my list of places to try. Rain has both Japanese and Thai cuisine. From the outside, the restaurant is just a plain building but once we were inside it was completely different. Not only was it fairly big, but I really liked the decor. We decided that Japanese sounded great and started off with some nice sake. Soon after, our sushi rolls were brought out. We ordered a few rolls to share. We demolished the rolls and I soon found myself snacking on the tempura fried garnish. Yum! I will definitely need to come back and try the Thai food.

Good food, movie, and date 🙂