In the months leading up to our wedding, I grew out my hair to ensure that I had a long enough hair length for potential wedding hairstyles. I also found the right mix of highlights that looked nice in my hair and tried to keep them for the wedding.

After the wedding, I donated my hair which was a big change for me since I had grown accustomed to the long hair.

More recently, I have been wanting to do another change to my hair. I was starting to feel my highlights were getting expensive (I could apply the savings towards trips and other fun activities lol) and maybe going back to my natural hair color would be a fun alternative. I havent had my natural hair color since highschool so it was hard to visualize what it would look like. I called the hair salon and set the appointment. She looked at my root color and did her best to match it. So, here is the new, natural color.

Yes, my hair really is black. A lot of people seemed surprised by this. I’m not sure why…I’m still adjusting to the new color but I’m enjoying the new darker look. What do you think??