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Another Atlanta restaurant that I love is Mezza. Lebanese food is so flavorful and this place really hits the spot. It is a tapas style restaurant so everything is brought out on small plates and meant for sharing. I remember that this was one of the first restaurants I tried once I moved to Atlanta. My friend Lori and I made it a point to explore the local restaurants in the area every week (or as often as grad school budget and time would allow).

Since Eric never tried this place and I had another scoutmob, we decided to head over there for dinner with some other people. Again the food was great, perfectly seasoned and prepared. (And within budget!)

Here are some of the dishes we tried,  in English names. I’m sure it does not adequately describe food but I don’t know all the Lebanese names off the top of my head…a grilled cheese dish, grape leaves, chicken stew, seasoned potatoes, grilled lamb and beef. 

We then ended our meal with some Turkish coffee. Delicious!