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When traveling with my family, we always had key little places to visit at certain destinations we frequently visited. Most of the time they revolved around food. In Vegas, we always went to Mr Lucky’s at the HardRock Hotel and had the special shrimp and steak deal for $7.77 (the “777” special for those that know). In NYC, there was always the one Chinese restaurant on Canal St for afternoon dim sum. Then, in L.A., we always stopped by Goldilocks for Filipino baked goods and Sees Candy for yummy chocolates.

While in CA, we were able to meet with relatives and spend the day with them. They welcomed us with 3 boxes of sees chocolate…HEAVEN! There are several little kiosks available around the country selling the chocolates but in L.A., you can go to the place where it is made and choose specific types to custom fill you chocolate box. My favorite mix is the “nuts and chews” variety. This box was full of chocolates and in the span of a day or 2 I’ve managed to make quite a dent in the chocolate count.

I might have a slight problem…