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Before visiting Anaheim, CA, I knew Disneyland is located there and started to research tickets to the park. I haven’t visited since I was a kid and I thought this would make for a fun day activity…that is until I saw the ticket prices. It was coming out to $80/person for 1 day. I knew tickets would cost more than when I was a kid but $80 was still a shocker. As much as I like Disney parks, I was feeling a little cheap since we just got back from Argentina and changed the plans.

Downtown Disneyland was only a few blocks from our hotel and we wouldn’t have to pay any entrance fees. We took advantage of the nice weather and went for a run heading to downtown. It was just like the downtown Disney in Orlando, with all the theme restaurant and stores. I will say that the run was a lot easier and enjoyable compared to runs around here in Atlanta. Maybe it was because it was around Disney and more entertaining, or maybe because it was a lot flatter and I HATE running with tons of hills (for example our home neighborhood). Regardless, we still had a good time without spending all the money on park tickets.