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After just a few days back in Atlanta, Eric and I were sitting on an airplane headed to California for a few days. We arrived in Los Angeles and spent some time there. I have family in the area and this was Eric’s first time really seeing LA, so we took advantage of the time and started exploring the city as soon as we landed.

First we went to The Grove which is basically an outdoor shopping and eating area. It was a perfect way to start a beautiful morning. We walked around and ended up seeing Mario Lopez right in front of us. Apparently he is the host of some tv show that is recorded there.

Speaking of shows, we were picked out by a local tv show to be interviewed. They had chosen someone for a make-over and wanted us to comment on what was currently wrong with her appearance and how to improve it. I was clearly the last person who should be doing this considering I looked like a mess after being on a plane for hours. I also felt very uncomfortable in general with the situation so I avoided answering and quickly slipped away knowing the host probably couldn’t chase me in her 5inch stilettos LOL 🙂

Next, we walked around Beverly Hills. It’s a nice area for a stroll with the pretty buildings and the streets lined with palm trees. We eventually needed a break from the walking and hot sun beating down on us so we found a shaded bench near a cafe and sat enjoying the breezy air.

We ended the night in Hollywood. It was really crowded and I just assumed it was typical LA traffic. We later learned there was a movie premiere and many of the roads were blocked. So, we decided to ditch the car and walk around. We saw the Kodak Theater, the hollywood sidewalk stars and sign in the mountains, and wrapped up our touring at Hollywood and Highland Center.

After a jam-packed day, we were off to our next stop, Anaheim, CA…