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After exploring El Calafate, we took a bus to El Chalten for more trekking. We heard this was the trekking capital of South America according to many people we met along the way. The bus ride was very nice and comfortable, and very inexpensive. Apparently, they just recently made a paved road to this town which made the trip a lot smoother and shorter. The whole ride was beautiful with views of the Andes. Once we arrived, we dropped off our things, got our hiking packs together, packed a lunch and off we went! Our first trek would be 8hrs and we planned to have our lunch by a glacier lake on the other side of one of the mountains. Though we met several hikers in the small town, the trails were empty and all you could hear was the wind and the waters flowing down the mountains.

our bus

part of the town

We made it a back to town as the sun was setting. It’s amazing how much colder it would get once the sun was gone. We rested up for another full day of trekking. This time we went up the other mountain ridge and had nice views of the Andes and the mountains. El Chalten is well-known for this one mountain, Mt. Fitzroy. People can wait several days or weeks for a clear enough sky to see the mountains and we were lucky enough to have a clear day during our visit. Again we took our lunches and headed out to find another cool lunch spot during our trek.

El Chalten was one of my favorite places to visit in Argentina. It was wonderful to get out in nature and just have complete silence. I have a hard time settling down my brain and for once I was able to just sit back and take it all in (it might also be due to exhaustion from all the trekking lol). This was a wonderful way to end our trip.