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I was reading a very interesting blog post about stuff frequent travelers wish we knew. I found it entertaining because even though I do not perceive myself as a regular globe-trotter, I am traveling enough where I find myself thinking these exact things!

  • I always choose the security line with the business people in suits, never a family with strollers.
  • My little bag of liquids is kept in a special zipped area for easy access.
  • I have special airport socks just for when I have to take off my shoes and walk on the floor. This is key when wearing flip-flops since the last thing I want is the bottom of my foot touching the dirty floor.

I mean really the list can go on as the other blogger noted. The more I read, the more I thought about the process of flying here in the US and how different it was compared to Argentina. I have pretty much adjusted to the strict TSA rules, and it has now become thoughtless routine to get rid of my water bottle, take off my shoes, and now go through x-ray scanners. You can imagine the funny looks I got in all the domestic airports around Argentina as I started to take off my shoes and dump a whole bottle of water. Apparently there, you just stick your bag on the scanning belt (without taking anything out) and walk through the metal detector, even while holding a large bottle of water. It was great. All of a sudden all the airport hassles were gone. I think the longest I waited in a security line there was between 1-2min MAX! There were a few moments when I questioned the lax security, but soon brushed that off just being happy not to deal with TSA.

We had our share of delayed flights (which Aerolineas Argentina is notorious for), but we also had food on the flight that was free and there were no fees for checking in bags.

Sitting at the gates, I had flying nostalgia. Remembering the days when I was little, flying with my family, and we didn’t have all the process, costs, and hassles, just the excitement of flying to new place.