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There was much more in Buenos Aires to discover beyond its historical sites. This was the place where Tango was created so we visited the neighborhood where it started. Apparently it began as a dance between the men and prostitutes. It soon evolved to acrobat-like steps shown in tango shows today. Luckily we had the opportunity to catch a tango class and show! We went to the Tango Porteno theater where we arrived early for the tango class, followed by dinner, and eventually the show. It was amazing to see how the dance has evolved and the skill it involves. The dinner was great and included unlimited glasses of local Malbec wine. Perfect!

(Tango class)

During our stay in Buenos Aires, we were spoiled with yummy desserts from small ‘Freddo’ stands serving amazing gelato like desserts

to cake options at the well-known historic Cafe Tortoni… 

(Submarino-a drink where you take a piece of chocolate that looks like a submarine and drop it into a mug of steamed milk)

Steaks of course were a real treat! Not only were the steaks grass-fed straight from the ranch, it was also really inexpensive. On average we were spending about $15-20 for ~30 oz of fantastic cut meat. We visited a well known steakhouse, La Cabana Las Lilas (not the cheapest by local comparison) and had amazing food with a view of the port.



This steak made for a great start to a lot of red meat throughout the trip….