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The world’s widest waterfall (not a single curtain). Iguazu Falls is actually comprised of 275 divided falls whereas Victoria Falls is the widest single curtain waterfall. We flew from Buenos Aires to the northern part of Argentina bordering Brazil. The falls actually span through both countries so of course we had to see both sides! The falls are so large that we caught our first glimpse as our place was landing.

Once we landed we headed straight to our hotel. The falls are located in the national park. There was only hotel in the park and we were told to pay the extra money to stay there so we would have full access to the falls without having to wait for the park to open and pay entrance fees each time. This was one of the best decisions we made. We stayed at the Iguazu Sheraton. Not the prettiest hotel, but the location was amazing. We were upgraded to a suite room with a waterfall view since they overheard us saying we were on our honeymoon. (We soon learned that we could get several perks on the trip if we mentioned the word ‘honeymoon’).

Outside of the Sheraton

Falls view room

The path outside would lead to trails going right into the park and up close to the falls. Talk about convenient! The park is still very isolated and they have done a great job of preserving the natural beauty of the park. We ended up seeing different creatures all around, such as monkeys and these raccoon like animals. In fact, our balcony door actually had a warning specific to the monkeys.


Finally it was time to see some waterfalls! We spent time on the Argentina side. It was absolutely beautiful.


The next stop was the Brazilian side of the falls…