We spent the beginning and end of our trip in Buenos Aires. Luckily the flight was nonstop and overnight so we arrived early in the morning. Since our travel time was limited, we dropped off our things in the hotel and started wandering around. Immediately, I was reminded of Rome with the old buildings and stone roads and sidewalks. It is a very diverse city with nice people who tolerated our less than stellar Spanish-speaking skills.

Just as a sidenote, Yes, the people are beautiful here! Men, women, and even the children. I attribute that to the mix of backgrounds and history of various immigrant populations all over Argentina.

We spent time touring the historical sites and visiting all of the different neighborhoods that make up Buenos Aires. I think the best way to learn about and see a city is just to walk around, get lost, and wander back. It’s hard to summarize all the things we saw so get ready for pictures of me around the city!

Casa Rosada

La Boca neighborhood


Plaza de Mayo 

Florida Street shopping

Cafe in Palermo neighborhood