Since I spent a lot of time on planes the past couple of days, this idea of airplane food has been on my mind a lot lately. I am not picky with food at all and rarely pass on an opportunity to try something new, different, and sometimes “weird.” Airplane food has always been difficult for me though. Immediately I am reminded of the long plane rides to/from the Philippines where they walk down the aisle asking if you want beef, chicken, or fish without any other description. There was that weird smell of something being warmed and served. I would open my tray and wonder what exactly was on my plate. What is this meat and why are my vegetables just a pile of green mush? This was some time ago and now I think they offer a “no-meat” option and the smell has been neutralized somewhat.

Our recent international flight was overnight so we were served dinner. I went with the meat-less option thinking it would be easier to digest. I was given penne pasta, with a side salad and bread. Luckily, there has been vast improvement on flight meals but I am still a little hesitant to eat my entire meal especially knowing that I am stuck on a plane for long hours and the tiny shared bathrooms arent the most appealing things. My pasta tasted fine and the salad actually looked liked vegetables. Bread is always a safe option to me. I tend to forego any butter or spreads. Breakfast before arriving was an egg and cheese sandwich and yogurt. Harmless enough.

The domestic airline in Argentina kept things pretty consistent. Everything was “jamon y queso” basically just ham and cheese sandwiches. I didn’t really eat much of those meals. They didnt seem too terrible but ham and cheese was served EVERYWHERE and I was getting a little tired of the same sandwich. I guess it was generous for them to give us a snack on all our domestic flights. (In the US, they charge $2-3 just for chips!) They did however give very tasty cookies (alfajores) and little candies which I became obsessed with during the whole trip.

I guess flight meals have become a lot better but I still follow my own personal rules of keeping my inflight eating simple, minimal, and bland. The last thing you want is to be stuck for hours feeling sick and have the tiny shared bathroom as your only option.