Packing for Argentina required a little more time and thought compared to other trips. We would be hopping all over the country and big, rolling luggage wouldnt be an option. So here was the plan: 1 backpack/person which could hold what we needed for 3 different climates…oh and it had to be small enough to carry-on the plane for our international flight.

Here are the 3 different climates:

  • Buenos Aires: mid 70s and much cooler at night
  • Puerto Iguazu: upper 80s-90s, humid, possible rain
  • Patagonia: 30s, windy, drastically colder at night, possible snow flurries

I was definitely thinking packing layers. We each had our own pack that held our things but was still light enough to walk around; a challenge for me since I’m pretty petite and didnt want my bag to make me fall over with every step! I always hated how much lightweight gear and clothing cost  but after carrying around our stuff, I am thankful for anything lightweight, especially all of our snow and glacier items.

After several trial packing attempts and prioritizing what was needed, we ended up getting everything we could packed up (it took SEVERAL packing attempts)!

Eric had the red backpack, mine was blue. Eric was even able to fit a smaller day pack inside of his bag which was very helpful through the whole trip. We would be visiting some small towns and going on day long hikes so we packed some of  our favorite snacks assuming it would be hard to find/expensive to buy there.

(yummy clif bars and mini cookies)

I tend to get injured or sick one way or another on any trip. This can range from minor cuts to being sick for long periods of time. So, I always go prepared with my first aid bag of essentials:

  • stomach meds
  • bandaids
  • pain meds
  • allergy meds
  • antibiotic cream
  • bug bite cream

I’m very happy to say we used everything that we brought with us which means our packing was efficient. No one got terribly sick or injured but we did use some first aid products for minor things (mostly after our 12hr trekking). We ended up being really lucky with the weather. We missed rain and snow flurries during our trip and it ended up being warmer in Patagonia. Apparently they only get ~19 days a year of sunny, slightly warmer weather which is how it ended up being during our entire stay there.