We discovered this Italian restaurant in the Buckhead area using a scoutmob deal. Usually we do not go out to eat for Italian food. Italian is something that we try making at home since the recipes arent too difficult and the ingredients tend to be somewhat inexpensive. While in college, I had the opportunity to study for a few months in Rome and I learned some neat ways of cooking from the locals. I also took a nutrition class which was really just a group of us that went to different places learning about cuisine and trying different foods. Best. Course. Ever.

Anyways, on one particularly lazy night, we were both craving Italian but did not have the time or energy to make an Italian meal. Baroni is located close to where we live so we hopped in the car and made our way over. We used our scoutmob deal to order an appetizer of calamari, I had the pork tenderloin with some pasta, and Eric had chicken parm.

All of it was yummy! The calamari was cooked perfectly. We had so much food. The tenderloin was delicious and the leftovers made for a tasty lunch the next day. Not only did we love the food, the environment of the restaurant is really great. Many of the Italian restaurant near our house tend to be a little more formal and expensive. Even without the deal, the prices were  decent and it was a casual atmosphere. Just what we were looking for! The house cocktails looked really good, maybe next time we’ll try a round of drinks.