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It surprises me that I meet so many Filipinos around Atlanta but the first Filipino restaurant in the city opened recently and it isn’t really IN the city. Atlanta seems big enough that there should be a few…or at least more than one. I was even more surprised about the rehearsal dinner we attended in Omaha. It was held at a Filipino restaurant right in Omaha.

Really?! Omaha has a Filipino restaurant and Atlanta only just recently got one?!

I was excited to try all the food. We had all the classics, a noodle dish, roasted pig, a giant thing of rice, etc… It all ended up being really tasty. Dinner was followed by dessert, toasts, and a video montage of the bride and groom. Afterwards, they handed out the wedding party gifts. For our wedding, I gave each bridesmaid a pearl earring and necklace set with an engraved jewelry box. Eric gave each of the guys watches. I think that we did a good job with our gifts but for this wedding, it was especially unique (at least for all of the guys).

The groomsmen each got unique knives in custom carved wooden cases. Here I am posing with them. They were pretty awesome! Here is a size comparison: