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Eric and I spent another weekend out-of-town. This time our destination was Omaha, NE. So what’s in Omaha?? Well, a lot of flat land, corn fields, and we were attending a wedding. After arriving in the Omaha airport (which is actually in Iowa over the river *fun fact), we were ready to begin our first day. We checked into our hotel, snacked on treats in our welcome bag and began the hunt for real food. The guy at the front desk recommended that we go to the Old Market area in downtown Omaha. Once we got there, we found a huge old brewery and decided that was the perfect place for a meal and some drinks. Upstream Brewing Company is located in an old firehouse building; a beautiful brick building.

Of course, Eric took advantage of being at a brewery and ordered the 12 beer sampler which included 12 house beers in 2-3oz glasses. I tried their house wheat beer. Yummy! They were all fantastic. I tried one of Eric’s samples which was a green tea beer. It was surprisingly good. Now, being in Omaha, I really wanted to try the Omaha steak but it just seemed a little heavy of a meal for lunch. I settled with a Omaha roast beef sandwich followed by some creme brulee. Perfect way to end a meal.

The food was delicious and after all of that eating, I really needed to get up and move. We decided to take advantage of the unseasonably warmer weather and walked around the Old Market area. There are plenty of cafes, stores, and boutique shops. I ended up stopping inside a shop and found a really neat old necklace with a pendant that holds perfume. I’m probably not going to put perfume inside but it is really pretty with a colored stone on each side. All in all, a good first afternoon in Nebraska.