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We spent another weekend a few hours south of Atlanta to attend a wedding. I was excited to visit since I’ve never seen that part of Georgia. We stayed in Peach County, basically home of the symbol representing GA…peaches! On the way down, we saw cotton fields, peach orchards, and farms known for their pecans. One farm in particular caught my attention, Lane Southern Orchards. It is a huge family farm known for their peaches, pecans, and other southern treats. Of course we had to make a stop there.

We walked into the shop area where they had a small eatery. I saw a sign that they had homemade ice cream and immediately jumped in line for some peach ice cream.

Those that know me understand that I have a serious ice cream problem. In fact, just the other week, I broke 2 ice cream scoops from overuse.

Eric ended up with a pecan milkshake of some sort. Very tasty! I also picked up some bottles of preserves, marinades, and sauces all made on the farm. (Maybe I went a little overboard).

This was definitely a stop worth taking for yummy treats. It’s too bad peach season is over. It would have been neat to see all the trees with the peaches. Maybe next summer we’ll come down and I can make my own peach ice cream!