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One of the items from our meat CSA was a chuck roast. The last time I had this cut, I ended up making pot roast. I happen to really enjoy pot roast but it isn’t Eric’s favorite dish. So I decided this time around I would prepare the roast the way he likes it, bbq braised chuck roast sandwiches. Unfortunately, our slow cooker is still in MD. We got one as a gift but it is still at my parents’ house since we never drove it down to Atlanta. I would have to prepare this over the stove meaning I needed to start early if we were going to eat dinner at a decent hour. Due to our lack of grocery shopping mentioned in an earlier post, we do not have many ingredients to make an elaborate bbq braised roast but luckily Eric enjoys a simple recipe and I enjoy easy to prep meals. All that was needed was a tbsp of olive oil, chopped onions, 18oz bbq sauce (I love sweet baby rays), a bottle of beer, and a chuck roast.

I tossed the onions in with olive oil, cooked for a few minutes, then added the bottle of beer and the bottle of bbq sauce. Let it simmer for a few minutes then add the roast. Let it simmer for ~3hrs.

I flipped the pieces half way in cooking to make sure it was all covered in sauce. Once it is done, take the meat out and shred it. Turn the heat up a little for the sauce to thicken while you are shredding the meat. Add the meat back into the sauce and you are all done!

We didn’t have rolls so Eric made a sandwich with regular sliced bread.

He made several of these for dinner so I think I got his seal of approval on this dish. 🙂