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The past few weekends have been busy with much of our time traveling out of Atlanta. During one of our trips back home, we ended up arriving much later than we anticipated. After a day of delayed travel, we were hungry but many of the restaurants were closed. We decided to drive around and see what we could find that was open (trying to avoid fast food). Luckily, right of North Druid Hills Rd we saw an illuminated “open” sign. We immediately pulled in, excited to find not only a place that was open, but a diner that was actually close by to our house. The Atlanta Diner is very low-key, with a menu ranging from typical diner food to some Indian and Brazilian dishes.

Eric is a huge breakfast fan and was excited to see that the breakfast menu was available 24hrs. I decided to go the Brazilian route and had a tomato based chicken stew over rice. It was a cold night so I got a cup of vegetable soup.

You can’t really tell from the picture, but the vegetable soup was loaded with lots of veggies! I was pleasantly surprised since I was expecting the usual broth with a carrot piece here and there. I’m not sure how “authentic” the Brazilian dish was since I’ve never had it before. It was pretty simple, not as spiced as I was expecting it to be. The dish was large and I only ate about a quarter of it before giving up and asking for a take-out box.

At the end of the night, we were stuffed and ready to go home. It’s good to know there is a diner close by and maybe I’ll go back to try more “diner-like” staples.