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Another favorite restaurant we visited in MD was Seven Seas in College Park. This place serves tasty authentic Chinese food and they also have a sushi-chef for all the sushi fans. Most of my family was in town that weekend, even people from out-of-state, so we took advantage of the situation and had a big family luncheon before we had to come back to Atlanta. Don’t get me wrong, there are several Chinese restaurants that I enjoy in Atlanta (mostly on Buford Highway), but Seven Seas is one place where the food is good and everything is familiar. I grew up going to this restaurant and we have had so many family gatherings here; I don’t even have to look at the menu since I already know what I like to eat there.

Eric went the sushi route and  ordered sake don with a side seaweed salad. This is basically a bowl with rice filled with slices of salmon sashimi. Eric loves salmon sashimi!

I decided to go with Chinese. We ordered family style so everything was shared. Luckily, I was able to get Peking Duck. That has to be one of my favorite Chinese dishes. They roast the duck and cut it into slices. It also comes with a sauce, scallions, and wrappers. You basically assemble your own and roll it up to eat. Delicious!

Finally, it was time to pack up, say goodbye, and head to the airport to fly back to Atlanta. It’s too bad the visit went by so fast but part of me was excited to escape the cold, rainy weather.