Last weekend, we attended a party for a relative on my dad’s side that lives around my parents’ area. I really enjoy going to these parties because I am able to have authentic homemade Filipino food. Whenever I am with family, I get really good Filipino food but rarely in the style from the region where my dad is from. Their food is made a little different, specific to where they are located. It’s almost like how we have southern style food in the US. I was also excited because this was Eric’s first time attending one of these parties. He was able to get the whole experience immersing himself in our food, language, and culture. I thought it would be good practice before a trip to the Philippines. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a picture of the entire spread of food but believe me when I tell you there were a lot of options. Eric was really open and tried a little of almost everything. There were still some dishes that were intimidating and would take a little longer for him to adjust to, but I think it was a great attempt on his part.

I was very impressed and happy that he tried all this food (his plate was fuller than mine!) and ended up even liking some of it. I have made some Filipino food at home but none as adventurous as these dishes. Maybe I can now step it up another level and make more Filipino food at home!