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During our trip up to MD to drop off Sura for her “extended vacation” (more on this below), we were able to go visit some of my favorite places to eat in the area. Growing up right in the DC area allowed  me to eat at some amazing places and try diverse cuisines. But during this trip, I took advantage of the local places right around my old neighborhood. Of course we had to go to Ledo Pizza. It is now a chain but the original location is located right by my parents’ house. They recently moved to a new modern location down the road but for several years they stayed in the same location from when they first started in the 50’s. We bragged to Eric about the delicious pizza so now it was time to take him there so he could try it for himself.

I like how their pizzas are still rectangular. The reason for this is because they started before round pizza pans were the norm. After Eric tried the different pies we ordered, I think he can now agree that they have some good pizza! Yum!!!

Now back to Sura’s extended vacation. Since Eric and I have to go out-of-town several times, it was becoming very expensive to put Sura in dog boarding. Luckily my parents and Eric’s mom agreed to help us watch her if we bring her up to where they live. So we drove her up to MD, set up everything, and she will be there until Thanksgiving (nearly 2 months)! It kind of makes me sad leaving her but the cost was just too much and we prefer to leave her with family rather than boarding her. So we are now dog-less for the next 2 months.