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While browsing through articles on CNN, I came across one specifically focused on travel to Buenos Aires. Lately, I have been trying to read as much as possible about Argentina through articles, guides, and blogs of other travelers. As we talk about our upcoming honeymoon with other people, we tend to get a lot of “why” questions

Why would you decide to go to Argentina for your honeymoon??

Why didn’t you go right after your wedding??

Why visit South America??

Why did you choose those specific activities??

Why didn’t you take Spanish while you were in school??

I mean really, the list could go on and on. So, I thought I would try to explain our reasoning  (and maybe convince others to take a similar trip). To really understand the “why”, you really need to know what kind of people we are and how this works perfectly for us. Eric and I are not the type to enjoy your typical honeymoon “on an island sipping mai tais” as my maid of honor best put it. Don’t get me wrong, we love visiting beautiful beaches and islands, but 11 days of that would drive us crazy. I am not the type to sit still for too long and eventually I get really bored and antsy which turns into me bugging Eric that we need something to do. There are so many places in the world that Eric and I would love to visit so finding an alternative option was not hard…deciding was the hard part.

First we started by narrowing down continents.

  • North America-not this time
  • Europe-We both have visited some countries and Europe and with the Euro conversion being high, we decided that was off the list
  • Asia-We immediately thought of Asia but I felt conflicted. How could we go to Asia and not go to the Philippines to show Eric where I am from?! (Plans for that trip are beginning slowly, yay!). Plus, Asia is a little too far given our time constraint of 10-11 days
  • Australia-Too far and Eric has also been there already 
  • Africa-Again not enough time

This left Antarctica and South America.

  • Antarctica-We really thought about Antarctica but that was starting to look like a very expensive trip that would take much longer to save for (definitely still on our list, though).
  • South America- Yay, we have a continent!

There are several countries in South America that we wanted to see and it took a lot of research but we finally decided on Argentina. There was a mixture of activities they offered, known for steak and wine, and it was slightly more affordable (comparably). Here are pics from other travelers doing the same activities we are doing:

Hopefully we will have a great time like others have in the past. Now to the 2 remaining questions:

Why didn’t you go right after your wedding??

Since most (~95%) of our guests were from out-of-town, we wanted to spend time with them after the wedding since they were visiting. Plus, we had some that came all the way from the Philippines and I wanted to be able to see them before they left. We were also very tired from the whirlwind of activities and needed to catch up on some rest.

Why didn’t you take Spanish while you were in school??

Ha, yea that may have been helpful. We both took French. I just wanted to be different and I thought French was a beautiful language. I am excited, though, to go down to Argentina and try my best with my spanish-speaking skills (or lack thereof). At least I’m trying, right…