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The past weekend was a time for family pets. We recently went up to NJ for a short family visit. It was a nice break from Atlanta and warm summer like weather. Since fall started last Friday, it has been a little cooler in Atlanta, but still pretty warm by “fall” standards. This was definitely not the case in NJ. In fact, we soon saw trees with changing leaf colors and felt cool breezes outside. It was beautiful (minus the cloudy days).

It was nice to catch up with everyone sincewWe have not seen them since the wedding. Eric’s family is dogsitting so we had some time to play with the 2 doggies. (Too bad we had to leave Sura in Atlanta). We decided to go on a dogwalk which is a lot different from walking Sura. I should probably mention that one of the dogs weighs around 200 lbs. Yup, not a typo! I thought it would be best for Eric to walk that one since it would probably drag me along considering it is nearly double my weight.

Here is Eric walking the dog:

Here is the dog next to me to give you some perspective. I’m also wearing heels so the dog actually comes a little higher up next to me.

He is really sweet (and quite lazy I must say). I think after only a short 10 min of walking, he started to slow down and decide to just stop a rest on the ground. There wasnt really much we could do until he was ready to get up again. The other dog is a complete sweetheart and much easier to walk since she has a much more manageable size.

To wrap up our time with family pets, we also spent time with Eric’s childhood cat. She is about 17 yrs old. Cute little old lady