With the weather starting to feel a little more like fall, it has been great to go enjoy the outdoors. I try to stay pretty active; it is my way of relieving stress and finding new activities to do with Eric, sura, and our friends. Most of the time I am trying to squeeze in as many activities as possible during the week/weekend. Sometimes I over-do it and end up with silly injuries but that is usually a rare occurrence so I shrug it off (maybe not the healthiest way to deal with that). But there is always this one thing that seems to be the giant wall I keep hitting…running. I’m not sure why (well I have some ideas) but I just can’t get myself to consistently run for fitness or pleasure. I can do other activities like P90x, kickboxing, climbing… but running has always been an issue. In fact, I would much rather do pull-ups for hours than spend more than 10 min running.

This makes me sad because there are so many benefits of running. It’s an activity that can be done anywhere, at all times of year, with very minimal equipment (really just shoes). I keep trying to get into it and I have used running to make-up for other missed workouts but I really do not enjoy it, if anything I dread every second of it. One of the reasons I think I have issues with running is basically my mental outlook towards it. If I keep telling myself it will be awful, that’s all I can think of when running.

While my hand has been healing, I have started to do more running as my workouts since it’s hard to do anything else with only one hand. Plus the last thing I need is to use my hand too early and risk further injury before our trip. So, my hope moving forward is that I can change my attitude, be more open about running and maybe it will turn out a little better. I’ve been told to sign up for a race as a goal, or run with friends, or run in new areas around town…all very good tips. Maybe I’ll give one or all of these a try to see if I can make a little progress.