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I enjoy music but if you ask me to match an artist to a song, I will fail miserably. I like all types of music and rarely follow one specific genre or group. If I hear it and enjoy the music, that is good enough for me. Now there is one exception that has started to develop over the past few years and that is the band Incubus. When Eric and I first met, we discovered that we shared a few similar interests, one of which was Incubus. In fact, one of our early dates included watching them at a small venue in DC (which was amazing)! Needless to say, as our relationship grew, I started to hold Incubus near and dear to my heart. I love their lyrics and songs and their music represents really happy and exciting times for me. Eric and I even had our first dance during our wedding reception to one of their songs, Echo.

I have seen them live a couple of times and had the chance to see them in concert here in Atlanta a few days ago! We went up with a few friends. It was a perfect night, nice and cool. (The last time they were in Atlanta, I thought I was going to melt it was so hot outside). We put out a blanket and had a fun night with great music.

Here we are after the concert, very happy (and sleepy) after a great night!