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Today was an expensive Friday. We ended up buying more things for the trip so our usual eating out on Friday had to be put on hold this week. We have more CSA meat in stock so eating at home really was not going to be a huge deal. Our farm likes to make special seasoned meats, like spicy sausage. I especially enjoy this for many reasons (1) since it is a family farm, they make their own special tasty blend incorporating the natural Berkshire pork, and (2) it’s already seasoned so it is less work on my end.

I picked up cabbage at the farmers market the other day, saw some cans of tomato sauce, and realized cabbage rolls with rice would be the perfect dinner option.

Yummy! Plus, it is super easy especially with the seasoned meat. All you need is

  • Cabbage-cut the bottom hard core off and peel the leaves
  • Ground pork-using sausage saves time since it’s already seasoned
  • tomato sauce, bay leaf, and jasmine rice (one of my fave types of rice)
  1. Blanch the cabbage leaves
  2. Put the meat in the middle of each cabbage leaf and wrap it securing with a toothpick
  3. Use a large pot and coat the bottom with tomato sauce
  4. Add the cabbage rolls and cover with more tomato sauce, put a bay leaf for some flavor
  5. Cover the pot, bring to a low boil and cook for 30min on medium heat on the stove

I put some jasmine rice in our rice cooker to have with the cabbage rolls. Done! You can even make little meat balls which is exactly what Eric did since he isn’t a huge cabbage fan. He ate all his vegetables in juice form along with his meal.