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After looking into options for quite some time now, we finally decided to buy a nice new camera, mostly with our upcoming travels in mind. We knew that traveling around Argentina would allow us to see beautiful scenery and surroundings we have never seen before but our current camera would just not capture everything. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great little Nikon that I can put in my purse and use for everyday purposes, but we wanted something more that just everyday photos. We know several people who own a DSLR and have heard wonderful things. When our camera finally arrived, I was very excited but then realized it was a lot more complex that the normal “point-and-shoot” cameras.

(Eric was so excited he forgot to take of the cover!)

I figured the best way to learn about the camera was to use it and test out all the settings. Since this blog is named after our wonderful dog Sura, I thought she would be the best model for all of my practice shots. Get ready for a lot of Sura

First, I tried regular automatic mode

Close-up mode

I forgot the technical name, but this was the mode for still poses. I was very impressed she didn’t move.

Okay, I won’t bombard you with anymore dog pictures lol. It also shoots video which is handy feature so it is all in one. Amazon had a special where we also got a few lenses for different zoom distances. I still need to give those a try and learn all of the features. I am very excited to play with our new camera. Maybe I can take it around the city and get some practice!