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After slacking off for a while, we decided to go ahead and complete our application for a Brazilian tourist visa. We finished the first step of getting vaccinated, so this was the next thing on the list. I didn’t realize how confusing this would end up being. Part of our trip to Argentina includes visiting Iguazu Falls. We are spending most of our time exploring the falls from Argentina but also arranged to travel over to Brazil and see the falls on that side (it’s a large waterfall). Since we are not staying overnight, I didn’t think a visa would be necessary but apparently I was wrong. So, I went online and tried to get all the information; apparently there are tons of websites and visa companies. We started to question whether all this work was really worth it. The visas cost $100+ each and we aren’t even staying in Brazil longer than a day. But, we decided to just do it since we are already there. I was also told it was something I may regret not doing. I’ll let you know my final thoughts on that after the trip.

I eventually found the official site for the Brazilian consulate and luckily there is a consulate right in Atlanta serving the southeast! Perfect!! Having the consulate in Atlanta would cut down on the processing time and I could hand deliver my documentation and not mail it. Something about mailing my information and passport makes me a little uneasy. So we went through the application and set our appointment in the next few weeks. I got the final itinerary for the trip to Argentina so I can bring that along too. Apparently there is an interview process along with all the paperwork… Hopefully it all goes well! We also have to get passport sized pictures for as part of the application so it’s off to Sams Club!