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Time seems to just be flying by. I still can’t believe it is September and lately the weather in Atlanta has been fall-like. Today is a beautiful sunny mid 70 degrees day. Although it is supposed to warm up in the next few days, it’s only a matter of time before it is October and time for our trip. I mentioned before that we were practicing our Spanish. There are several other official things we need such as make sure we are up to date in any required immunizations.

Visitors to Argentina are not required to get the yellow fever vaccine, unless they are traveling to Iguazu Falls and this happens to be the second stop during our tour of Argentina. Our plan was to just go to the travel clinic, pay between $100-200 for the vaccine and get our certificate. Luckily, a couple of our friends mentioned that Emory University is currently doing a study where participants receive the vaccine.

After some research, we decided that this was a good way to get our required vaccine (for free) and earn some extra cash since each participant gets $50 for each visit (and there about 6 visits meaning $300!) after they vaccinate you. So, off we went to get the vaccine. One more thing off our list of things-to-do.

(As a health-related sidenote, I am FINALLY off all the medication and I think my finger is doing much better. I have one more follow-up doc visit. Hopefully, everything is better and no more major injuries!!)