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Hola! Como Estas…that, along with counting, is about the extent of my Spanish. Well, maybe I know a little more but not much more than that. In preparation for our trip to Argentina, we registered for some guide books along with a book on learning basic Spanish phrases. Lucky for us, our friend (thanks Jennifer!) bought the books for us! This will be a first-time trip to South America for both me and Eric so these books are pretty critical in helping us prepare, especially because we both took French as students.

Eric and I tend to be nerds when it comes to certain things. We are that “type A, love to go to school, watch history channel together” kind of couple. Well lately I have been getting that itch to study something but going back to school is not in the plans for a while. I decided that since we received all of our books and the trip is 1.5 months away, I could focus in studying some Spanish and learning a little more about Argentina. Here are the 2 I have been reading:

When deciding on guidebooks, I tend to spend a lot of time researching all of the options. After all, when I am traveling somewhere I have never been, I like to be somewhat prepared. These are both lonely planet books. It had the most detail for where we are going and so far it has been helpful. My favorite is the one on the right, the phrasebook. The best part is that it is fairly compact and easy to carry around so I can bring it with me without it standing out too much.  I am hoping that I can at least learn the phrases to help us get around town in the different areas. Eric and I are trying to practice with each other but we still need a lot of work on pronunciation!

I can’t believe the trip is already coming up! We still need to get our vaccinations and travel visas for our very short visit into Brazil (this part has become slightly annoying…more later). *Fingers crossed no more injuries before (or during) the trip*