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Over the long weekend, we decided to adventure out to try a new Atlanta restaurant. We like to try new places around town and this time we were craving for Thai. A few miles from our house is a place we have passed by several times called Tuk Tuk Thai. It was a nice restaurant decorated as a loft. There was an outdoor eating area with a nice view of the city which seemed nice if it wasn’t 90 degrees outside…maybe next time.  I feel like the space used to be a bar/lounge just based on the layout and decor. It was really nice and open, large bar area, with the loft style ceilings and walls.

I decided to start off with the tom kha gai soup which is coconut milk based with chicken and mushrooms. Delicious!

Next, Eric and I decided to share an entrée. We ordered the whole fried fish with different types of chili sauce and a mango slaw salad.

I thought it was a fun presentation of food. I was pretty full from the soup but had a some of fish. As a sidenote, I like to order anything fried with the sauce on the side for 2 reasons. First, if I end up not liking the sauce, at least it is not covering my entire meal. Second, having the sauce on the side prevents it from getting soggy. There is my little insert of food advice. Eric absolutely loves whole fried fish and ate most of it. (During our last trip to Puerto Rico, some of the guys there convinced Eric to order a fish twice the size of this one and finish it by himself. Of course I insisted we could pack the extra but male competition took over and he ate it all to the staff’s amazement.) Luckily, I was able to get my share before he ate it all! LOL.

All in all, it was a good food find and I am sure we will go back. We saw others ordering an appetizer of some meat hanging on metal spears. I was definitely intrigued and made a mental note to come back to give that a try.