It’s that time of year. Yup, college football is back and as a Nittany Lion fan, football couldnt start soon enough! Living in the heart of “SEC country” I was concerned that I would be the only penn stater with no way of watching games except for paying extra for the big ten network on my Comcast subscription. Luckily, Atlanta is home to the Penn State Atlanta chapter, one of the biggest in the country outside of Atlanta and host several events for all alum across the city. I have been an active member for a few years, watching games every Sat with other alum around the area at our home bar, Famous. It’s not the fanciest bar in town but definitely a fun environment once we all get together to cheer for our team.

Today was the first game of the year and all of the excitement reminds me of why I love football. I love tailgating with friends, decking out in outfits of blue and white,  and sharing hopes of the season with other fans. If only I lived closer to PA, I could actually see a game in Beaver stadium…but Eric and I have been pretty good about setting aside one weekend and making the trip up. This year, the weekends in the fall seem to have filled up before summer even started but maybe we can squeeze something in November, maybe the Nebraska game? No matter how the season ends up going, I’m just happy that football Saturdays are back! Here is the new Penn State 2011 football video to begin the season! We Are…!