A little while back I had a knife injury which landed me in th ER. Some time had passed and I thought I finally had this thumb injury under control. The injured part of my finger was beginning to heal when things took a turn off track. About 2 days ago, my thumb started to feel sore…I didnt think much of it until yesterday when I was in so much pain and could no longer move my finger without extreme pain. All of this was happening so fast and I had no clue what I did to it! I bandaged it up and kept it stable all day yesterday but  eventually I ended up with a slight fever last night.

So, I decided this might be serious and headed straight to the urgent care center. I didn’t want to go back to the ER but I couldn’t wait to see my regular provider so this was the remaining option. I actually thought it was the best experience I have had comparing it to the ER and regular provider. After a look at my swollen, red hand it was determined I had a joint infection. Oh lucky me

Here is my new hand accessory, a thumb brace. This should keep it stable while the antibiotics fight the infection. Any movement makes the whole hand hurt so I’m hoping this gets better soon. I sometimes get frustrated that this has slowed me down but at this point all I can do is be patient and let it heal so I can finally move on from this incident.