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A show that we like watching at home after work is American Pickers on the History channel. They drive around the country buying random stuff  that can be fixed and sold again. They usually come across some pretty unique items that originally look like junk but can be turned into something worth selling.

During our trip to AL, we visited a neighboring town called Prattville. It was pretty small with not too much there. We ended up visiting a giant warehouse building called Prattville Pickers. Basically you can rent a space inside and people sell any item they have found or made. It was like the Pickers show…but all in one spot!

It took quite a while to browse everything. There were a few unique pieces and old furniture. Many of it is affordable since it needs some work but mostly functional.

I saw really cool coffee tables and cabinets but that will have to wait until I have a house that I can fit everything in. I will definitely come back once we buy a house! This was definitely a cool place right outside Montgomery, AL.