We decided to escape Atlanta for the weekend and went for a short drive to Montgomery, AL. We came out here before but spend most of our time on Maxwell AFB. This time we had the opportunity to explore the city a little bit more. We drove around for a little bit but since there was a baseball game, we decided it would probably be best to just park and walk around instead of sit in the car.

First we headed to the capital building. Ever notice how most of these buildings look the same in all states? The one in Atlanta looks like this except the dome on top is gold. This picture was taken standing in the middle of the main road leading right up to the building. There were absolutely no cars in sight. In fact, I questioned whether I was missing out on something. How could there be not a single person out??? I never figured it out but let’s just say I would not venture out and stand in the middle of the road taking pictures in downtown Atlanta.





Next was the First White House of the Confederacy.

Afterwards, we walked to the river and saw the riverboat. Apparently they have dinner cruises with live music. Earlier in the day they had dragon boat races on the river. It also boarders an outdoor theater for music.





Finally we went to this area called “Alley Station” and had a drink. The basically built up a few restaurants, bars, and shops in an alley. It was pretty with the lights and brick walls. The weather also cooled down a little at this point so it was nice walking around and there were a few people sitting outside.

It was a nice night out and a great change of scenery. I think this was just what I needed after all the stress from last week.