Whenever something bad happens, I always hear that I’m supposed to look on the bright side. Once I hurt my hand and could really only use 1 hand, I became very annoyed and frustrated at the whole situation. But, I soon realized some good things have come from it. First, a wrapped up hand makes for a great intro conversation with people I am just meeting. It gives us something to talk about besides awkward, silent conversation. Second, an injury brings out a polite side from complete strangers. Everytime I go to the grocery store, some random person shopping always offers to help me carry my things or get me something that I need. This could also just be because I’m in the south. Not so sure people back home in the northeast would be so helpful. Finally, I can pretty much ask for anything (well within reason lol) and get it!

I decided to use my hand to convince Eric to take me to this ice cream place in Atlanta that I keep hearing about, Morelli’s. Ok, let’s be honest, Eric doesn’t really need that much convincing since he loves ice cream; almost as much as I do.

Now those that know me best know that I have a soft spot for ice cream. Basically I have ice cream every night (I always keep a pint in the freezer), even in the middle of winter. Once we got there, I was overwhelmed with all the options. Morelli’s is a gourmet ice cream place making flavors ranging from originals like chocolate chip to more unique ones like coconut jalapeno. They are known for their salted caramel so I tried a sample and it was different from the High Road ice cream which I love but still yummy. I ended up settling on nutella.

I was a happy gal after an ice cream trip and realized I just needed to focus on all the positives and not let my hand bring me down.