So, last Friday was a little different from what I anticipated. I have only had to go the ER 2 times. The first time was for a minor accident I had during my ski class in college. (Yes, I took skiing as one of my electives). It was the day of my “final” in the class but luckily I still got an A šŸ™‚

The second trip to the ER happened this past Fri. I woke up early to prep some fruit for breakfast. I soon realized my attempt to be healthy that day would actually backfire on me. I was running short on time so I was getting sloppy handling our nice new ceramic paring knife. While chopping away at the apple, I immediately felt a shot of pain and realized I cut a piece of my thumb off. Yes, an actual piece of the thumb. Eric woke up to me screaming in the kitchen. He put the piece of my finger in a Ziploc, put me in the car and drove me to the ER. It was at that point where I realized I truly hated Atlanta morning rush-hour. Emory hospital is so close yet it took us forever to get there.

It took some time to actually see the doctor. Apparently, luck would have it that a couple of heartĀ attacks occurred right once I got there and those were definitely priority. Eventually the doctor saw my finger, determined it was too large to stitch, and after reviewing options (some of which sounded painful) he decided to just treat it and have meĀ come back for a followup with my regular provider. I will spare you all from the graphic pics but here is my hand all bandaged:

Even though it is my left hand, going about daily life has been difficult with one usable hand. Luckily I have Eric who has been super helpful, but I have reached total frustration especially since it was a foolish mistake on my part. Well, you live and learn and now I have a new awareness about our knives…