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A little bit ago, Eric and I were browsing through netflix and decided to watch a documentary, “fat, sick, and nearly dead.” It’s basically about this guy who promotes juicing fruits and vegetables to lose weight and improve overall health.  Needless to say, it was pretty convincing so we went out to get a juicer using some of the giftcards from our wedding. Take a look at our new Breville juicer:


Now, I have to say that this thing is pretty awesome! We spent quite a bit of time researching and this was the best bang for the buck. Over the last couple of days we have been surfing the internet and talking to others about good recipes. Fruits are not really a problem, but juicing is Eric’s attempt to increase in vegetable intake from none to a couple servings a day so we needed to figure out ways to make it taste good. Through trial and error, we learned that you definitely need to add some fruit to the vegetable mix to avoid it tasting like sludge.

One of our favorites is a breakfast juice composed of oranges, blueberries, and strawberries.


It takes some time prepping everything and you need to clean the juicer immediately after, but the fresh taste is definitely worth it. Plus, I am getting several servings of fruits and veg in just one glass. Since we have been juicing, I have had a lot more energy in the mornings and just feel a lot better health-wise. I’m not sure how often we will be able to do this since buying fresh produce can be expensive. During our first try, we went to the grocery store and spent nearly $30 in produce that made only a few cups of juice. We soon learned to just go to the local farmers market or buy it in bulk from a wholesale place. I’m hoping this is a healthy habit that we will maintain since I never eat this much fruits and vegetables in one day.