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Like some other brides, I spent several months growing out my hair to make sure it was long enough for whatever hairstyle I had for the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I usually keep my hair long but I made sure to keep it a little longer leading to the wedding. On the left is one of our engagement pics. My hair was a little longer than this right around the wedding. On the right is how I did my hair for the wedding.




After the wedding, I was ready to cut my hair. Maintaining long hair for so many months had become frustrating and I was ready for a change. I decided that since I wanted to cut my hair and I had so much of it, why not donate it for a good cause.

      On one of the trips I took for work, we saw several wigs for cancer patients that were made with both synthetic and real hair. I was amazed at how great they looked and what a difference it made to the lives of people affected my cancer. These are just a few that were displayed.

     There are several organizations that take donations of hair if meet certain requirements. Locks of love requires at least 10 inches of hair without any color or chemical treatment. Unfortunately my hair is highlighted and did not meet that criteria. My stylist mentioned to me that there was another option that would accept treated hair as long as it was only with certain chemicals since they ended up coloring all the donated hair anyways. Yay! Success!!

So we were a go and I was ready to chop off my hair. I was mentally prepared for a really short bob of some sort but once she cut the length that was needed, I was pleasantly surprised with the length that remained. Apparently my hair was much longer than I originally thought. Here is the new length:

Please excuse the bad picture of me. I was just coming back from 1.5hrs worth of yoga. I am still getting used to how much shampoo to use. It feels much lighter and it is much easier to maintain. I used to have to comb my wet hair in sections and now I can get through it all the way down in one stroke. Funny how it’s the little things that make a difference. At the end of the day, I’m just happy that the hair is going towards a good cause!