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Today marks exactly 1 month since our wedding. I cannot believe that it has been a month already! The house still needs to be cleaned and organized from wedding activities but I never seem to have the time and now a month has passed! I really need to get it together. But that is an issue for another time…

Anyways, we usually save going out for the weekend but today is a special day. Plus, it has been a very hectic work week (and it’s only Tues) for the both of us so this was a much-needed night out. We decided to try a new restaurant in Buckhead, Coast Seafood and Raw Bar. It was the perfect opportunity to try something new and I had a scoutmob discount. By the way, I think scoutmobs are the greatest thing ever! Who doesn’t love a free discount deal?!

The restaurant has a huge patio area and the inside is situated similar to a house. Very spacious and cozy. We ordered a calamari appetizer, cup of soup, seafood tower, and dessert. (All for ~$20 thanks to the scoutmob!). I had every intention to take a picture of our yummy seafood tower but hunger took over and we ate it all before it even occurred to me that I forgot a picture. But I did remember just in time for dessert.

(S’more brownie with fudge swirl ice cream)

Luckily, Eric and I shared this since it was very decadent and rich! It was a brownie with melted marshmallow on top. Yummmm!!! This place is definitely on our list to go back.